Virtual Design

We are based in Encinitas, California but that doesn't mean we are unable to help make your design dreams a reality. We are able to give you a custom design that you can implement at your own pace. Through our virtual design packages, you will recieve all of the information that you need to hire your own contractors or do the work yourself. This is how it works:


Our first step is meeting virtually to begin the design process. This will happen through zoom or a similar software. At this time, we will discuss your room and look at your design inspirations. 


After our initial meeting, you get to work at taking measurements and pictures of your space. After we receive your measurement, we will begin the design process. 


If your project calls for it, you will receive samples in the mail of custom choices for items such as flooring, counters, lighting, and fabrics.


After we have finalized your choices, you will receive renderings of your newly designed space. 


You will also receive a mood board so that your can see how everything works together, a product purchase list from local and online retailers. If you decide to purchase any custom pieces, we will continue to assist you with your room purchases.