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Pink is the new pink...at 10%...or maybe a little more.

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Add a touch of color to your space with your favorite version of pink. Start with an overall color scheme that comprises about 60% of the space. This will provide the calming palette from which you can add in another complementary color at about 30%. Now you have a nice, clean and eyeball-friendly room that is ready for a fun color...at about 10%. The accent color can come in the form of accessories, rugs, furniture...whatever you like. We like the vivid pink on the custom desk in the photo above!

The dusty pink in this room is a little more dominant and plays a larger role at about 30%...with copper becoming the smaller accent color at 10%. When the balance of the earth tones and subtle pink, the bedroom has a relaxed and almost dream-like feel. A more subdued tone of pink is great on soft materials, like bedding and pillows.

Another idea on bringing some pink into the space would be to mix a few different hues of the color throughout the room. This room has a great mix of pinks in the art and upholstery pieces. There is more at play in this space, color-wise...but pink is still in use as an accent.