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This Isn't your mom's wallpaper, but it might be your super cool grandma's!

Wallpaper has been around forever, but it has made a comeback of sorts in the recent past. We love wall coverings here at CTH and use them in just about every project that we can. From grass cloths to vinyls, there is always something out there that can help transform a space...and class up a joint ;). We used grass cloth to layer in elements on the headboard wall of this project below.

Don't limit your wallpaper applications to just walls. Some wallpapers, like vinyls and grass cloths, are a fantastic way to finish a piece of furniture. With numerous colors and patterns available, it's easy to make a piece of furniture very unique. On this custom piece of furniture we built, the textural feel of this grass cloth-finished console really helped to soften the entryway of this home.

For dining rooms, you can really create a dramatic and formal feel by adding wallpaper to the ceiling. If you select a reflective paper, the light from the room can bounce off of it and to add to the design.

Lastly, don't be afraid to use wallpaper on small accessory items like the base of serving trays, frames, etc. Adding your own bit of design to existing pieces makes them your own. Get creative!