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A stand-out interior starts with an idea.

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Stunning, Functional, Memorable Business Spaces

Every business has unique needs and a brand image they would love to convey, both to employees and guests. Thoughtful interior design affects how people feel when they enter your space, how communication takes place, and what guests take away from their visit. We listen carefully to assess your needs and create designs that accomplish your objectives. We bring together the right elements to ensure that your vision is fully realized.


Tailored Living Spaces

I’m going to help you experience your home and environment in away that speaks to you and what YOU love. I’m never going to shop at a box store for you.  Everything I do is going to be custom. Everything I create for you will be tailored and custom to your home.  You deserve your home to speak to who you are.


Custom Pieces For Any Space!

Our custom furniture creations are bold, stylish and unlike anything you’ll find in the retail sector. Charles Taylor Interior Design combines creative designs, quality materials and detailed craftsmanship to make unique furniture that stands out.


Feel The Love

We are honored to be featured in a number of different media outlets. We invite you to explore these articles to gain insight into our passion for creating exceptional living spaces.

About Us

Charles Taylor Interior Design

We are a full service firm who has earned the trust of thousands of clients in San Diego and Orange Counties who value fun, comfort and quality. We able to turn chaos into beauty.

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